Spiritual Care

As a church we provide spiritual care for those in our church and sometimes the wider community. We are able to listen, minister the word of God, and pray with those who are experiencing spiritual conflict, need, or distress. Spiritual care includes a wide range of spiritual activities including: 


  • Blessings of children, home or marriage (home, hospital or church)
  • Dedications
  • Family Thanksgiving Services
  • Funeral planning and funeral services
  • Home communion
  • Home visits 
  • Hospital visits
  • Pastoral Care
  • Prayer ministry and deliverance
  • Prayer and anointing with oil for the sick
  • Renewal of wedding vows
  • Spiritual direction
  • Water baptisms
  • Weddings 


To access spiritual care from the Pastoral Team please Asst Pastor Rachael Woolley who will assess your needs and arrange appropriate support. Please note that it is often appropriate for a Pastor to refer you to another member of the team who is able to provide specific support to you.

Asst. Pastor Rachael Woolley

01270 626749 (church reception) or email: rachaelwoolley@nantwichelimchurch.org


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