What is a Christian?

When Jesus was on earth, He personally called many people to follow him. Lots of these people were a little less than refined. They were people who worked normal jobs. Sometimes they could be difficult, unaware, slow to understand, weak, with ignoble pasts, and little status. In essence, they were not unlike a lot of us today.

As time went on, some stayed and continued on with Jesus and committed their lives to him and his mission; other people moved on and committed themselves to pursuing other things such as money, supremacy, and indulgence. Sadly, they pursued creation itself rather than loving the one who created all things.

For more than three years, Jesus spent his life with the people who stuck with him. He continually taught them about who he was and what that meant, both for them personally and also for the wider world. Jesus did life with them. He ate food with them, prayed with them, and taught them to understand what the Scriptures say. Jesus cried for them and then he died for them.

After three years travelling, working, and being together they watched Jesus die on a cross because he claimed to be God. A few days later Jesus returned back from the dead, announcing himself victorious over Satan, sin, and death. The first thing Jesus then did was go back to teaching and training his followers, eating, talking and being with them.

As Christians, we are people who follow Jesus. We don’t have to consider the perfection of Jesus for very long to come to the conclusion that in comparison, we ourselves are less than perfect. Through the teaching of Jesus we hear that in his death he was able to destroy the power of sin that makes us weak and fallible people. By living life with Jesus, we ourselves experience that this is true.

By following the Word that He taught, we continually comprehend God’s intended nature for humanity, and desire to do life as such. As Christians, following Jesus, we become closer to God, and know that he can ultimately lead us all the way to Heaven; He knows the way.

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