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Exploring life, faith

and meaning?

Join us for 12 weeks of exploring some of the big questions of life & the Christan faith!

Come along on Tuesday 20th September, 7pm @ Nantwich Elim Church, CW5 6LW




Jesus Christ is both fully God and fully man and the only One who can mend the broken relationship between humanity and God. After living a perfect life, He died on a cross in our place and rose again victoriously to give us life.



The Bible teaches that nobody is perfect and that our disobedience towards God has separated us from Him. But there is hope! Jesus Christ died on a cross, taking the punishment we deserved and paying the penalty for all we have done wrong. His resurrection proves death is defeated and He is able to give the gift of salvation to all those who believe and follow Him. Salvation is a free gift; it is freely given and cannot be earned by our own efforts. Now that’s Good News.


To respond to this Good News, we believe we must turn away from our old lifestyle, believe in the death and resurrection of the Lord Jesus Christ and follow His plan for our lives.

To help, support and guide those who are trying to discover more about Christianity, or those who have recently decided to follow Jesus, Nantwich Elim Church runs a course called Alpha. This is perfect place to ask questions and discover the Christian faith in an open and friendly environment. If you’d like some more information contact us.

Discover Jesus
RNM promo.jpeg
Watching TV at Home


RightNow Media is a digital resource now available to all Nantwich Elim Church kids, youth & adults.

This extensive digital ‘mega-library’ is like the ‘Netflix of Faith Video Content .’ The resource is a comprehensive collection of faith-based video content that you can access whenever you want, wherever you are! It is compatible with all devices – even your smart TV!

As a church, we want to help you develop and strengthen your faith. We believe that RightNow Media will equip you with quality content to grow in your discipleship and effectiveness. Everyone will benefit from the topics and titles offered; kids, youth, parents, married couples, uni students, single adults and working professional – it’s all aimed at helping you grow right where you are at!

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