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Although, according to the meteorological calendar spring doesn't officially break through in the UK until March, in the mildness of our current weather system, signs of spring are all around us. In this beautiful transitory season extending from March to May, our days lengthen and the sun rises higher in the sky. We experience warmer days and witness new life as our gardens and wild spaces come alive again.

One of the sights I look forward to is the daffodils bringing colour to our community verges and flower beds here in Nantwich. It's incredible that from an unassuming bulb, formed last year when a plant instinctively sent its energy and nutrients underground, this beautiful flower emerges. Within this mass of last year's energy, shallowly buried, a flowery surprise is already well-formed. Through its name originating in the old English word 'affodyle', meaning that which comes early, we are reminded that this plant is one of the first to flower at the end of winter, coming early to signal the new life about to emerge, symbolising the possibility of rebirth and new beginnings.

Just as the daffodil flower is hidden and protected in the form of a bulb until its appointed time, Jesus lived and grew, hidden and protected in simple obscurity as Joseph's and Mary's son, and lately as a carpenter from Nazareth. Unassumingly, Jesus enters public life at the appointed time revealing God and true love. He radiated light, and people gravitated to his warmth and as people put their trust in him, they discovered the incredible possibility and reality of rebirth and new beginnings.

As Easter nestled in this spring season of new beginnings comes into view, we too are offered the incredible possibility of rebirth, new beginnings and spiritual renewal. During lent a new invitation is extended, an opportunity to reflect and celebrate afresh the life, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. Let's pray for ourselves, our community, believers and unbelievers world wide that each of would experience our own new beginnings and awakenings this lent, and know the richness of life in Christ.

Lent Prayer

Creator God, help us to welcome your invitation to experience afresh the Good News of Jesus Christ as our Saviour, Healer, Baptiser and Coming King this lent. May we open our eyes and see the promise of new life in Your creation, may its witness encourage us. May we recognise that just like natures bulbs you have put energy and beauty in our hearts ready to flourish in the season ahead. Let our hearts be open to Your Holy touch that releases new life through Your Spirit and may we and our fellow believers be renewed. Amen.

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