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We have always loved visiting ruins. At least a couple of summers in our early twenties were spent ticking off castles and abbey's on the Welsh boarders and elsewhere. We would visit and explore the ruins, read up on the histories and often stand in awe at how they were physically constructed.

In Genesis 11: 1-9 a nomadic people decided life could be better if they settled somewhere. Over time they refined their building techniques to the point that they had the capabilities to built a high tower or ziggurat. This seems like an incredible achievement, however, the Bible shares that the peoples hearts were motivated to make a name for themselves and avoid being scattered by establishing a city and power base. In all of this they had little regard for their Maker, Mediator and Master God.

Whilst God sees the incredible potential of their unity, God recognises that this unified effort and perhaps a dream of a settled utopia is founded upon human self sufficiency and determines that is not to be. God has foreseen the cost of this self expression that would no doubt create an oppressive society; working for the few, but leaving the many enslaved. God also saw that this plan opposed the command for people to multiply and disperse throughout the earth. So God brought some discipline and correction in love, confusing their language which scattered the people and brought the building to a stop.

Lent is a time of renewal, a time for reflection and realignment. We may not be building cities, but we are building relationships, families and communities. We are working towards goals at home and in our chosen vocations. Why not spend some time today in prayer or you might find it easier in activity considering what you are building and whether it rests on your own self sufficiency or whether you are truly co-labouring with God. As a person created in the image of God you have incredible potential. God made you this way, and wants you to bring your best into collaboration with the Holy Spirit for the common good. So think about how you can align your efforts with God, and ask Holy Spirit to inspire your thoughts and action today.

Lent Prayers

Father God, because of Your goodness and gifting at work in us, we all have amazing potential to see Your redemptive plans come to pass. Each one of us has a role to play in seeing Your Kingdom come here on earth as in heaven. As we pray and reflect today help us to see what we are building through our relationships and our everyday lives. Help us to see any sin in what we are building or giving our lives too and help us realign and co-labour with Holy Spirit so what we build is pleasing and glorifying to You. Amen.

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