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23 Peace be to the whole community, and love with faith, from God the Father and the Lord Jesus Christ. 24 Grace be with all who have an undying love for our Lord Jesus Christ.

Ephesians 6: 23-24 NRSA

Peace is a wonderful thing. Sometimes we mistake peace for quiet, but peace is something deep within, that God can grant us that gives us rest even in the midst of life's losses and storms. Today, as I approached our home I heard the birds singing their evensong, it was beautiful. Despite the noise of the birdsong, peace hung in the air, magnified by the beautiful red warmth of a spring sunset. It caused me to pause and enjoy the presence of peace around our home tonight. Imagine whole communities experiencing peace. This is the boldness of Paul's prayer, that a whole community, every home and every inhabitant would know deep peace that grants us rest in the everyday and extraordinary events of life. Let's join Paul in praying bold today! Peace for our nearest and dearest, our friends and church family, peace for our community in Nantwich and the surrounding areas, peace for our nations here in the UK, and peace for all of God's creation.

Lent Prayer

Father God, today we thank You that You grant us peace, love, faith and grace. Without You we would not know these virtues of the life in Christ. Help us to experience deep peace as individuals and within our homes and community. Give us peace, along with Your undying love and faith, that would lead us into an experience of rest that makes space for Your grace, that incredible unmerited favour that You alone pour forth into Your creation that has the power to transform us all for the common good. Amen.

Good-bye, friends. Love mixed with faith be yours from God the Father and from the Master, Jesus Christ. Pure grace and nothing but grace be with all who love our Master, Jesus Christ. Ephesians 6: 23-24, The Message Translation

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